Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[UPDATE] Model S: 💯% electric

UPDATE: whoever is running Tesla's Facebook page seems to have edited the post from "💯" to "💯% electric". We usually do not publish an update unless we are certain it is from a reliable source and it merits to be published in order for readers to evaluate Tesla cars based on facts. However we will be extra vigilant even when the news source is coming from Tesla itself.
Last night, Tesla's facebook page posted a picture of a Model S with what appears to be behind it a wall graffiti of the number 100. As the story unravels, this might be the strongest indication that Model S P100D with a 100 kWh battery is about to be announced. However since early December 2015, conservative estimates put the sales of the Model S to 100,000 but Tesla has never officially confirmed that number. It is possible, after almost 4 months that Tesla has officially reached that magic number. Which explains why an older design of a registered Model S is actually in this picture. In the last couple of years, Tesla has refreshed its battery options on the Model S rapidly, starting with the 60 kWh which was then replaced by a 70 kWh battery. Then earlier this year, Tesla removed the 85 kWh option on new orders and streamlined its Model S options to 70 kWh and 90 kWh, similar to what is available on the new Model X.

In comparison, the 2016 Model S 90D and P90D with a 90 kWh have been recently re-rated by the EPA to do 294 and 270 miles respectively thanks to their efficient aerodynamic design. Theoretically an 11% increase on battery should bump the P100D to more than 325 miles of range.

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