Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Model S gets a makeover

Tesla has updated today the nose and headlights of the Model S to match those of the Model X. These modifications are automatically applied for those who have already placed an order.

It is also possible to customize the Model S order, similar to the Model X, by adding the following:
  • Autopilot convenience features for $2,500.
  • Premium upgrade packages including HEPA air filtration system, Bioweapon Defense Mode, carbon air purification filters, LED lights, Power liftgate, leather dashboard & armrests and a phone dock for $3,000.
  • Smart Air Suspension for $2,500.
  • Subzero Weather Package for $1,000.
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound for $2,500.
  • High Amp Charger with 72 amp for $1,500.

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