Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Model X gets a configurator

Tesla has updated today the Model X webpage to allow several configurations while placing an order:
  • Now you can order a Model X 75D with a 75kWh battery capacity and 5 seat interior starting from $83,000 after tax rebate.
  • A six or seven seat interior starting from $3,000.
  • Autopilot Convenience Features starting from $2,500.
  • Premium Upgrades include self presenting front doors, Bioweapons HEPA air filtration system, ventilated front seats, leather interior, LED lights and more for $4,500.
  • Smart Air Suspension for $2,500.
  • Sub zero weather package for $1,000.
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound with 17 speakers and neodymium magnets and XM radio for $2,500.
  • Towing package for $750 available only with Smart Air Suspension.
  • Accessory hitch for $200.
  • High amperage 72 amp Charger Upgrade for $1,500.

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