Saturday, April 16, 2016

VICE interviews Elon Musk and SolarCity CTO

In recent interview on VICE for HBO, Elon Musk talks about Tesla Powerwall batteries, addressing the need to transition to a sustainable energy source: "we need about 2 billion of those to solve global energy from a storage standpoint, which is a lot but it is roughly comparable to the number of cars and trucks on the road".

SolarCity CTO and Co-founder (Elon's cousin) Peter Rive says solar panels are already undercutting the traditional fossil fuel driven utility system: "In about 16 states across the country right now, you can buy solar power, direct of your rooftop, at a rate that is lower than what you're buying power from a utility vault...we sign up a new customer about once every 2 minutes right now and our goal is to try to get to a million customers by 2018".
You can watch the full episode on VICE: The Future of Energy on HBO.

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