Friday, May 6, 2016

It's official: upgrade Model S 70kWh to 75kWh via OTA for $3000

Few days ago, we got a confirmation from Tesla that Model S with 70kWh battery will be upgraded to 75kWh in the near future, however it did not specify when or how and more importantly how much.

Today Tesla included this feature on the Model S Design Sutdio website when ordering, this feature will cost $3,000 pre-tax and will increase the Model S 70 range by 15 miles. However on the European website this range is stated as 20 kilometers or 12 miles and it is €2,800 before tax depending where you live. This upgrade applies to both rear and all wheel drive models.

With this, Tesla will be planning to streamline its battery capacity production line on all three models to 75kWh and 90kWh. And it will phase out the Model S 70 line in order to make room for the 75 line.
Since its launch, The Model X came in two battery capacity options: 75kWh and 90kWh while the Model S's remained unchanged with 70kWh and 90kWh after it was previously available in 60kWh and 85kWh. The 90kWh upgrade used to be a $3,000 optional feature in the Design Studio on Tesla's website for those ordering the P85D before the latter was phased out.

To put this into perspective, a Model S 90D RWD costs $121,600 compared to the 70D RWD of $103,800. This 5kWh upgrade for $3,000 seems to be cheaper.
Norwegian Model X owner Bjørn Nyland recommends to get a CHAdeMO adapter for $450 instead.

It now seems even more likely that an upgrade for the Tesla trim levels on both the X and S to 100 kWh is in the cards by 2017.

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