Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tesla offers kids a test drive in a mini Model S

Earlier this year, Radio Flyer launched the Model S for kids, it became instantly a hit and sold out quickly. Now Tesla is partnering up with Radio Flyer to offer little kids - accompanying their parents to selected stores - a test drive on a mini track in one of those mini electric vehicles in order to get them inspired and involved in the electrification revolution. Unfortunately Radio Flyer has not yet updated its design to match that of the new Model S. We've reached out to Radio Flyer for an answer and this is what we've been told so far:

"While we can't promise that a new design will be available immediately, it will be taken into consideration as we review current Tesla Model S for Kids."

In an email sent this week to reservation holders of Radio Flyer’s mini Model S, children will be able to test drive the Model S for Kids. The invitation reads:

“Tesla has partnered with Radio Flyer to usher in the next generation of electric vehicle owners. We’re excited to invite you to an exclusive first look at the newest addition to the Tesla family: the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer.

At the event, your little one will have the chance to experience the Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer in our mini-test drive track alongside future owners and likeminded enthusiasts. Following their drive, we welcome you to join us in the store for light bites and Tesla talk.

With the exhilarating performance of a Tesla, the longest run time and fastest recharge time of any children’s electric vehicle, it’ll provide hours of playtime fun.”

For those who don't know Radio Flyer's Model S, it was launched in February 2016, and comes equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience. You can choose the same paint color as an actual Model S, as well as performance, accessories and personalization. You can even select two types of batteries, a 130Wh or 190Wh, and easily switch between a top speed of 6 mph or a parent limited speed of 3 mph with the flip of a switch located in the trunk.
Price ranges from $499 up to $800 for the full option including a custom made licence plate and a parking sign worth $25. Alas this vehicle does not qualify for any federal tax credit.

Some additional specifications of the vehicle are:

Exterior (Overall) height/length/width: 21”/52”/28.5” ● Seat to pedal (range, from front and back of seat): 17-22” ● Frunk (front trunk): 15”x10”x8” ● Weight: 40.5lbs ● Package dimensions: 54.5”x18.5”x28” ● Package weight: 55lbs ● Wheel Dimensions: 9”x 4”W ● Distance from back of seat to the steering wheel: 17”.

Unfortunately the vehicle is already sold out for May and June, you might have a better shot ordering an actual Model S as a quick alternative solution to please your kids.

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