Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[UPDATE: Elon says OK]Tesla owners in Portugal gather to demand a Service Center

At least two dozen Model S owners and hundred enthusiasts gathered in Portugal last Sunday at the historic Monument to the Discoveries in BelĂ©m, the south western most civil parish of the municipality of Lisbon, to demand a Tesla Service Center or Store in the country.
The the nearest Service Center is situated more than 1,000 km away in the city of Bordeaux, France and the nearest Superchargers are in the city of Tarragona, next to Barcelona in Spain.
There are in Spain no Tesla Stores or Service Centers either, which makes it harder for these Tesla owners to service their cars.
Henry Sanchez, President of the Electric Vehicle Association (UVE), responsible for organizing the event, explained the reason he supported this event: "there are already today many Tesla owners in Portugal, we estimate they now approach 100 members around the country, and the nearest Service nearest Centre is in Bordeaux. Therefore, this meeting served to draw attention to Tesla to urgently install a Service Center or a Tesla store or at least superchargers. In fact, we are passionate about Tesla ... ".
The UVE association was born in January and instantly became popular, organizing events themselves or in which they participated in, and the number of members has grown tremendously. Already UVE is preparing their next big event next month. "We are currently preparing the National Electric Vehicles Meeting at Coimbra on the weekend of 4 and 5 June, and expect to make a great show of electric vehicles in Coimbra, on 5 June, to celebrate the World Environment day. "
One can only imagine the dedication these drivers have for their cars to risk buying one knowing there are no official Tesla Service Centers in their region in case they need any service support.

UPDATE: Elon Musk seems to have gotten the message loud and clear.

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