Monday, May 30, 2016

Tesla's new mobile charger is $100 cheaper

As of late, Tesla has been updating its accessories range since the launch of Model X and the updated design of the new Model S. With that, it has also managed to reduce the costs of its new products.
The integrated 240 volt 50 amp 20 ft corded mobile charger for the Model S & X has been refreshed - first reported - with slight modification of the design of the power unit. In addition, the cost has been reduced from $650 to $550, a $100 discount. This bundle - just like the previous version - includes 2 adapters (NEMA 14-50 & NEMA 5-15) and a pouch.
Another version of the charger is also available without the adapters for $520 but still comes with a storage bag. The extra charger is region specific for U.S.A. and Canada and therefor only ships to these countries. All Tesla vehicles are already sold with a charger.

Featured images: Tesla Gear

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