Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[UPDATE] A hidden 6 digit number might reveal where your Model 3 is in the queue

Up until now, it has not been possible for Model 3 reservation holders to find out how soon customers will be getting their Model 3 as the RN featured on MyTesla page doesn't determine where you are in the queue.

This might change soon, as one of the Tesla Motors Club forum members did some investigating in the html source of Model 3 MyTesla page to find out that - in addition to the RN number in the source code - there is another ReservationId value in there that could determine how far in the queue your order is.
Members of the forum have been collecting those values - with last digits omitted for privacy concerns - along with the order timestamp in order to assess if there are any correlations, and so far they are on to something. As you can see in the chart below, the time the reservation was made and the ReservationId number next to it have an order, the earlier the reservation has been made, the smaller the ReservationId value is.

Here is a batch to prove the theory:

In-store (EST)
3/31 9:30am 370xxx
3/31 10:00am 36xxxx
3/31 10:00am 37xxxx
3/31 10:05am 371xxx
3/31 2:35pm 36xxxx (france)
3/31 10:08am 371xxx
3/31 10:10am 371xxx
3/31 10:15am 37xxx2
3/31 10:30am 37xxxx
3/31 10:40am 373xxx
3/31 10:45am 374xxx
3/31 10:45am 37xxxx
3/31 11:00am 37xxxx
3/31 11:00am 374xxx
3/31 11:20am 376xxx
3/31 11:30am 377xxx
3/31 11:40am 377xxx
3/31 12:00pm 382xxx
3/31 12:30pm 381xxx
3/31 1:20pm 497xx5
3/31 1:26pm 391xxx
3/31 1:30pm 391xxx
3/31 1:45pm 386xxx
3/31 2:00pm 392xxx
3/31 2:45pm 391xxx
3/31 12:00pm 4xxxx0
3/31 12:00pm 4xxxx5
3/31 4:30pm 390xxx
3/31 3:30pm 395xxx
3/31 4:30pm 397xxx
3/31 5:00pm 400xxx
3/31 6:30pm 40xxxx
3/31 3:00pm 512xx9
3/31 3:00pm 512xx7
3/31 4:00pm 519xxx
3/31 4:00pm 398xxx
3/31 5:45pm 403xxx

Online (EST)
3/31 10:08pm 412xxx
3/31 10:??pm 4127xx
3/31 10:08pm 413xxx
3/31 10:30pm 419xxx
3/31 10:??pm 4197xx
3/31 10:30pm 43xxxx
3/31 10:45pm 44xxxx
3/31 11:00pm 433xxx
3/31 11:15pm 443xxx
3/31 10:40pm 45xxxx
4/01 12:02am 46xxxx
4/01 12:00pm 49xxxx
4/01 8:00am 52xxxx
4/01 11:00am 523xxx
4/01 11:30am 497xxx
4/01 10:30pm 578xxx
4/04 ??:??pm 64xxxx
4/05 2:10pm 657xxx
4/12 ??:?? 69xxxx

Some values might be time stamped earlier than others, that might have to do with the location/timezone the order has been put in place.
If you'd like to find out what your ReservationId is, open MyTesla page where you Model 3 order is and inspect the source code, or paste this code below in the address bar, then a popup will reveal the number there.


Looks like the ReservationId values are starting from 300,000. Still that does not explain if those values corroborate a single sequential reservation number. We'll update when there is any breakthrough. Feel free to fill in your ReservationId here and see where you stand in this excel sheet of reservation holders list here, We advise you to omit at least the 2 last digits to keep your information private.

UPDATE: Seems Tesla has silently removed the ability to view your ReservationId online.


  1. Fascinating. It was finally my turn at 12:45 (after almost 4:00 hours of waiting) and my number starts by 380

  2. I reserve my tesla with the website one hour before the presentation. I live in Canada Quebec.

    My number is: 425xxx

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  4. ??? 425xxx??? so, meaning 125 000th person? with 115 000 vehicles ordered in that first 24 hours? This does't make any sense at all. I expect to be in the first 100 000 people to get theirs, and being in Canada, where we don't have a 200 000 cap, perhaps sooner.

  5. My Hidden number is 364xxx (in France) ! ;-)

  6. 417xxx. Just before the start of the reveal - online

  7. So, was I, Andrew but... 455xxx ??? It doesn't matter, 'cause it'll give me more time to earn $$$ for MIIIP60D :D

  8. Mine is 554xxx and I reserved it online on 4/1 some time in the afternoon, so it fits with those last few on the list... It's going to be a long wait for me it seems....

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  10. Just confirmend my ReservationID on the site and matched it to the timestamp of the $1,000 depost:
    4/6 @ 12:21 AM EST 660xxx

  11. My hidden number is 644xxx reserved Vancouver, BC April 4 around 10:20 am

  12. 665xxx, reservation approved: 2016-04-06 14:35:02 -0700, order from austria, europe

  13. Doesn't work anymore, now when I try the Javascript string, the pop-up window says "undefined"

  14. In store March 31 3:15 EST 394XXX
    Seattle Washington USA
    If numbers start at 300,000 I'm number 94,XXX
    And since I'm west coast where sales will happen first I actually may be within first 30,000 delivered