Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tesla invites 12 lucky Model 3 reservation holders to Gigafactory's grand opening on July 29

Marking a month before the grand opening of the Gigafactory on July 29, 2016, Tesla sent out an email to 12 lucky Model 3 reservation holders, inviting them to an all expenses paid trip to attend the celebration in Reno, Nevada. Those chosen are among the 150,000 customers who pre-ordered during the first day before the unveiling, reported.

The email from states.
Congratulations! Through random selection, Tesla has chosen twelve Golden Ticket winners from all those that placed Model 3 Reservations on the opening date to receive an all-expenses paid trip to our Gigafactory Grand Opening event on July 29th, 2016 in Reno, Nevada. We are excited to share that your name was chosen in this drawing and that we’d like to invite you and a guest to join us at the event. 
Round trip economy class airfare, transportation, and accommodations will be provided. Tickets are non-transferrable. For additional details and to redeem your package, please contact 
We look forward to seeing you and your guest at the event! 
Best regards, The Tesla Team
Back in May, Tesla owners reported receiving an email informing them that they won tickets to the grand opening of the Gigafactory after referring five or more Model S buyers late last year through the Tesla Referral Program, however those invitees have to pay for their own travel expenses.

The Gigafactory will have one of the largest footprints of any factory in the world once it is fully operational. The total size of the factory will be 5.8 million square feet, however it will have an operational space of roughly 13 million square feet due to some sections standing four stories tall. Tesla has also purchased land around the site for potential expansion. Eventually the entire roof will be filled with fixed-tilt solar panels. Elon Musk also confirmed that the compound annual growth rate of decline until the factory is open will be another 30% on the battery cost once the Model 3 is on the production line. The factory will have the capacity to produce 35 gigawatt-hours of battery cells and 50 gigawatt-hours of battery packs per year.

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