Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tesla's new Model S front fascia is now available as an addon kit for older models

On April 12, 2016, Tesla announced the Model S face lift, an upgraded front design of the Model S and headlights to match those of the Model X, making way with the old nose cone.
As of late, many third party garages are offering modification kits for the old nose cone of the Model S, among them is a $3,450 face lift kit from Karstyle. But one garage has been able to come close to matching the new front design: Unplugged Performance. Early adopters will receive a $500 discount before July 1st, 2016, bringing the price down to $2459 (including shipping). A $300 deposit is needed to secure the special reduced price.
Contrast to the official new front fascia from Tesla, the Unplugged Performance's Refresh Front Fascia System retains the old ventilation grate and has a more accentuated lower spoiler. The chrome hood opening has been accurately replicated under the Tesla emblem, however the older headlights have remain untouched. This kit is sold unpainted and needs three hours to be installed professionally, the seller recommends painting be done locally at a body shop in order to avoid variances in appearance and color due to aging and application process of the original paint. Shipments are set to begin by the end of this summer,

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