Thursday, June 2, 2016

Watch Elon Musk reaction on Model 3 autonomous driving question

While we only just got to experience "Part 1" of the Tesla Model 3 reveal on March 31, Elon Musk reiterated again during Code Conference 2016 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Califonia that "Part 2" of the unveiling will happen at the end of the year, speculation about what remains to be revealed has been going very strong. Especially after Elon's famous tweet hinting at some sort of HUD since the Model 3 lacks any instrument cluster.
Elon spoke to Recode about virtual reality and sending humans to Mars by 2025. But during the Q&A, asked whether Model 3 will meet its deadline, Elon explained that Tesla's deadlines are eventually tied up to "the least lucky and least competent supplier", enumerating all cases of natural disasters its suppliers had to deal with in the recent years from earthquakes and tsunamis to shootout on the Mexican border. That is why the company took some measures to increase its options and internal capabilities, to anticipate and avoid all sort of supply chain issues and fabricate the delayed parts internally.

"All of the Model 3 design is done and we're aiming for - pencils down - about six weeks... and if there are ideas for future cool things we'll have those for version two and three..." Elon confirmed.

When asked if there will be an event in the next six weeks to announce autonomous in the Model 3 - Elon - worn out from doing half a day of shareholder's meetings - just grinned and denied only that there will be no event happening prior to production. As for autonomous driving, it is up to you to judge his reaction in the end video below, which makes a very compelling case for autonomous driving. Well spotted electrek,co.


  1. He's a master of keeping secrets...he said a lot of nothing new....

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