Monday, July 11, 2016

Tesla Model S P90D driver crashes into a Sushi Restaurant while parking in Atascadero, California

Sunday evening around 6:15pm, a Model S P90D driver crashed into Kai Lana Sushi & Seafood restaurant in Atascadero, CA while parking the car, KSBY reported.
According to the police the 2016 Model S went three feet into the wall of the restaurant, causing serious damage to the kitchen. Pictures of the accident emerged on Reddit this morning
Police confirmed there was no injuries and the driver was not under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. The restaurant is located just two miles of Tesla's Atascadero Supercharger station on El Camino Real, as one of our readers mentioned.
This is not the first time an accident like this happensBack in June, a five day old Model X was involved in a serious car crash in Irvine, California. The owner's wife was entering a parking stall when she mistakenly pressed on the acceleration instead of the brake and dived into a building.

Please note, this is a news website dedicated to everything Tesla, we are not singling out Tesla vehicles, we just happen to report accidents involving Tesla vehicles and will report any updates in case Tesla representatives come back with details on the accident after checking the car's data logs.


  1. Oops. That's my old stomping ground. One of the first supercharger locations is there too - he's my old blog entry on the construction

    Whompy wheels.
    Killer Otto Pilot
    Spasmodic Unintended Acceleration.
    Brake pedal that goes to the floor.